We Base Our Approach On Work Done By
Etienne Wenger And Others On
Communities of Practice

We Believe
A Well Organized Community Of Practice Is
The Backbone Of A Sound Corporate Memory

That Community Resides Best On A
Community Forum Platform

So Our Approach Is To

Organize Communities Of Practice
Around Smart Taxonomies

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Become a Designated

Corporate Memory Builder

We Teach It

Smart Taxonomies
Communities of Practice
Simple Machines

We Build It

 Knowledge Management Resources

          For Beginners To Practitioners
Quick Readings
  Bain & Company Management Tools
  CIO Magazine KM Synopsis
  Free Management Library
  Knowledge Management Advantage
  University of Toronto faqs

  Quick Videos And Presentations
  Google Knowledge Management Videos
  Slideshare COP Presentations

  Slideshare KM Presentations
  Youtube Knowledge Management Videos

Further KM Research
  DMOZ knowledge management project
Suggested Books
  Communities of Practice
  Cultivating Communities of Practice 
  Digital Habits

  People Focused Knowledge Management
  The Fifth Discipline
The Knowledge Creating Company
Magazines, Journals And Wikis

  Electronic Journal of KM
  IT Toolbox
  Journal Of KM Practice
  KM Wiki
  KM World
Leading Learning Communities
  Community of Knowledge
  Gurteen Knowledge Community
The Knowledge Management Forum
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